Twisted Star Quilt Pattern ( PDF FREE)

 Quilting: How to make this wonderful twisted star quilt pattern?

The twisted star quilt pattern is a type of blanket, covered or also quilt used several years ago to cover people. He got into the craft because it's simple. If you look closely at a quilt made of hand crafts you will notice that it is nothing more than a large square trimmed. The use as the twisted log cabin pattern, blanket, blanket or even sofa cover is indifferent to this type of art. Historians say that this piece is one of the oldest in mankind, being present even in China in its earliest empires.

Quilt fabrication is the simplest way to practice patchwork and
Log cabin quilt variations. It is nothing more than a mosaic of squares fitted with the seam, made both by hand and in sewing machine. There are those who prefer to start with the art of quilting by being simple and it is very easy to do. Can create
Cabin quilts, various cool blankets and covers for differentiated upholstery. The technique is simple to do even for those who do not have the craftsmanship.

Access the twisted quilt Free PDF

Want to get an idea of ​​how to make a patchwork quilt log cabin? Made in fabric and admired by the creativity of humans? So take advantage of everything we brought you today. Access the free Pdf of the log cabin patchwork quilt.

Reinvent yourself every day. And one of the many ways to reinvent yourself is always to do something new every day. Therefore, if you work with crafts or if you always like to develop crafts, change, where possible, the type of piece you make, or at least the model, style or materials with which you develop your pieces. Do not be afraid to change, be afraid to always stay in the same place and one day realize that you let life pass and did nothing different or meaningful for you. So, how about making coin holders in fabric?

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