Calypso Quilt Pattern (PDF Free Download)

We love work on patchwork, and I'm sure you too! Today we will give you detailed tips on how to make a calypso quilt pattern and also the main materials and tools to start working with this wonderful calypso quilt. You will also have access to step to sensational steps and several tips from calypso fabric and inspirations from parts produced with this technique that makes the most successful! Were you curious? Then come with us! Download your free PDF.


Machine Quilting Templates Tips

The machines are divided into two types: industrial and household. The first type is indicated for large-scale parts production. The second type is more common, and serves to sew in general and also quilting templates for hand quilting, handicrafts and repairs.

Discovering the best quilting machine for domestic sewing is easy task for people who are starting in this activity. To make a good purchase, in addition to personal tastes, you need to take into account other important issues, such as the functions that the machine provides and the types of tissue you will most use.

So that we can help you decide which best machine quilting patterns for your home, we list below several tips for a wise choice. By placing on paper the post and cons of each equipment, you will be preventing future problems. See below more tips for making a good acquisition.

First of all, you need to evaluate how much you are willing to invest in purchasing quilting machine. It is not worth the debt that a cheaper model can also meet your needs.

With the time of use, your work tool will need revision and technical assistance. Then, be aware. Before purchasing the product, try to find out if the manufacturer offers technical assistance in your city. Usually large brands offer the service throughout the national territory.

Furthermore, search for what each machine has to offer in relation to the quantity of points and possibilities for use and quilting templates. Analyze what are the indispensable functions and which will not be lacking in your work.

Machine stitches

Basic stitches - straight seam and zig zag, zipper placement and finishing in parts. Essential points - simple seams and finishes, such as bars and elastic placement. Flexible stitches - to sew on knitted fabrics. Decorative stitches - decorate the work, used for decorative embroideries and finishes.

Most requested functions

Free arm: Facilitates sewing of bars, handles and sleeves. Manual case: Makes buttonholes in several steps. Auto-cased: Makes button houses in a single step. Shoe lever with adjustable height: eases the seam of thick layers of tissue.

Models of domestic sewing machines

In this topic we will give suggestions of sewing machines for all pockets and tastes. This will make it easier to compare prices and benefits. As we will see, there are two types of sewing machines, mechanics and electronics, we go to them.


In this type of machine you regulate the type, length and width of the dots in a manual manner. This machine holds frequent use and is suitable for heavy sewing.

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