➝ Bonnie hunter Mystery quilt.

Here's how to successfully use a variety of fabrics to make a scrappy sensational block called the midnight flight in this short free video. This is a block of Bonnie Hunter. Scrap quilts are beautiful retail to look, to have and to do. In the past, the patchwork quilt was one of the first things that many young people have learned to do. Starting work or patchwork quilt is simple and you will develop your creative skills every time you finish a quilt. Quilting, is a form of income for some and fun for others. Today it's all on video lesson how to make a quilt of Bonnie Hunter mystery can be translated in the universe of the arts manuals as writing the line on cloth or blanket.

Widely used as finishing work of patchwork, quilting also acts alone and turns into true works of art. The expert Quiltmaker Mag will teach you the basic steps: preparation, materials and equipment, exercises to begin, techniques and fill up the tips and tricks for large pieces like a quilt. In this basic course, you will learn how to draw lines and shapes on the fabric with a technique much easier than it sounds, domestic machine, practical and very caring.

Step instructions in video of Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt

Target audience:
Artisans, tailors and patchworkers.

General objective:
Propose basic techniques for realization of quilting, the composition of the work to practical exercises that help in the production of unique pieces.

Learn sewing machine.

Download the Pattern for the Quiltmaker's 1,000 Blocks: A Collection of Quilt Blocks from Today's Top Designers - AMAZON HERE

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