Twirling Swirling Dance Quilt Step by Step

Bedspreads turning the wheel dance pattern are made by cutting and sewing pieces of fabric by following a pattern and this fabric is lined with an extra layer for heating. After completing the thorough process of sewing a patchwork, the last step is to make a fabric at the edges to give an appearance of the finish your quilt. This article details the process of making the barred and use it to finish your quilt.

1) Choose a fabric. The bar of your quilt should be made to stand out or blend in with the pattern. Imagine how you want your Quilt to stay while choosing the fabric. Follow quilt patterns. Fabrics cut in the direction perpendicular to the plot, unlike cut lengthwise, are a firm choice for bars. This is due to the direction of the plot, so a wire comes loose in an area will not follow the entire length of the barred. Instead, will follow in order and finish the stitching where barred is the quilt.

Bias bars, with a plot on the diagonal, are also good for a barred resistant. Again, a loose thread in the fabric will not pull in all the length of the fabric.

2) Take the measures. How much fabric you'll need to buy is determined by how large the quilt is and how much you want the barred stands. 

Choose the width of your crochet lace. If your quilt already has a border well finished, you may want thinner bars. If you want barred work as a frame, you may want it. Remember that you will cut the fabric into strips that later will be folded in half.

Measure all four sides of your Quilt to determine the length of the perimeter. You will need 30 to 40 centimeters more than fabric.

3) cut the fabric into strips with bar the width of your choice. You can find more help use a fabric cutter in larger projects. Fabric scissors will also do a good job.

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