How to make Quilt Gravity walkthrough

How to make Quilt Gravity walkthrough – see and be inspired with this idea ' dequilt of patchwork. If you already work with cutting and sewing can start in the world of patchwork, to take advantage of the flaps of tissue that builds up in the House. Make this cute and colorful patchwork quilt with mold for your baby, or for you, making a larger size.

You can create patchwork pillows of various styles, even children's cushions in patchwork. And in addition to pieces of fabric you can also use other materials such as trims, buttons, crochet appliques, among others. And every room and your home environment can receive a patchwork cushion.

Gravity Patchwork Quilt - STEP BY STEP HERE
An easy to make patchwork model is one in which you sewing pieces of random fabrics and in the formats you want. You can use up large tissue flaps, to seize the materials you already have around the House and also to be more easy to do. The back can also be made on patch or single fabric, if you prefer.

This patchwork quilt with mold is also a sustainable craft, since you can use tissue flaps
Suggestion of Quilt Patchwork Gravity with mold

To make this useful and beautiful crafts you will need:

Fabrics of your choice, with the colors or prints of your preference too;
For stitching line with color matching with the chosen materials;
Common scissors;
Scissors for fabric;
Tape measure;
Pins for sewing;
Acrylic blanket;
Sewing machine;
Iron for ironing;
Chalk or pencil for sewing;
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