How to make a Chair lined with Patchwork Quilt


You know that old chair, until you've got grubby leaning in a corner of your House?Well! It is about her that let's talk today This antique chair, it often seems like a nuisance, can turn a piece of very nice decor when turned into a Chair covered in quilt. Want to check how? The classic cotton fabric with floral prints and bold colors has been decorated for many years, but now the decorating with quilts became sweetheart on various proposals and can be your ally also to give color to the home. Colorful decoration is the reference point in this room. Here the cloth stamped in the cushions that decorate the couch and puffed, but the floral in another type of fabric is still seen on the couch, which guarantees a super charming touch to the space. The headboard for bed of tissue is a nice and inexpensive alternative to the room. Here the proposal was to gather several prints in a kind of patchwork and a color piece to brighten the space. Tips on how to make crafts


This is the step-by-step video of how to coat an antique chair with fabric and white glue. He is one of the more traditional step-by-step and acquaintances I've ever done. For this model, used a chintz made stamped happy that really changed the look of the Chair, but you can use the fabric you want, preferably cotton. The chintz made, in question, is one of the cheaper alternatives and your use is increasingly "fashionable". That is, once upon a time an old chair, grubby and often leaning in a corner. Welcome new Chair, vibrant and beautiful.

This chair was reupholstered with a quilt - Instructions

This was one of the episodes of Make home, youtube channel JustinaDesign, in very simple Grill. I hope you enjoy my "performance"). In fact, this is one of the greatest videos I have access to a lot of people watching and really making your Chair at home, what always cheers me up too much. Turn pieces of decoration and give new life to them is one of the things I like most.


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