Cactus Star Block - Patchwork walkthrough

Learn here how to make patchwork step by step on video with the artisan PatriciaWashington teaching in detail and very attentive to following everything that a beginner should do to start worldwide Patchwork. The best of all when you don't understand any part you can go back and review the video at any time, to be able to doand all that for free!

Step 1-in the first video is taught how to prepare the tissues.

Step 2-Now we will learn how to calculate and perform the cut and also the technique known as Nine Patch blocks.

Step 3 – in this video we will show how to sew and an introduction of the techniqueof the strips.

Step 4-continuing with the technique of the strips now with cutting and sewing andshortly after the block.

Step 5 – now is the time of Perfect Triangle technique, and that part is taught the calculation, cutting and sewing.

Step 6 – Here you will learn how to make a Nine Patch block, joining strips technique and the technique of the Perfect Triangle.

Step 7 – in this step will be taught to calculate, cut and sew the inset of the four blocks made in previous lessons.

Step 8 – will now be taught to tack to the layers do not move during the quilt.

Step 9 – will be taught to align the quilt by removing all over and making the correct measure. Will also be taught to do all the finishing.

Now that you have learned the patchwork step by step and making their first piecescheck out my next tip that will help you seduce your customers. Patchwork landscapes.

Also be sure to check out this tip to do beautiful work.

Quilting the Cactus Basket Block por Craftsdoityourself

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