Quilt American - Pattern Quilt Available


Beautiful Quilt representing America
This week we learned how to make various types of quilt block and the patchwork technique with simple quilt. All to prepare nice goodies for the kids. And packaged by the rhythm of the sewing machine, let's check what the readers of Patchworquilt are creating with these same techniques. Today's tutorial is a quilt to remember our Parents. We have only scraps, we patch and also with apliqué in many applications of patchwork quilts. Don't forget that every photo is with the email address of the person, so if you're interested, have questions or curiosities, write directly to the artisan mentioned. For the first time, I'm going to start the class, passing the task! I'm serious, we will have tasks. The first learning to do is select the fabric to be used. I am embroidering the sample is being made in raw cotton not too thick and I separated all the tissue to be used in six parts.

You cannot be too careful in this time, the quality of the embroidery depends, in large part, the transfer of risk: the best health care in the world don't get beautiful points in unveil a risk. The file with the risk to be transferred to our lecture can be downloaded American flag quilt * step-by-step *

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