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This butterfly is a beautiful quilt to decorate your home. It is a work that involves the union of pieces of fabric by sewing forming various designs. The precision of cuts, measurements and sewing is critical to make the job perfect. Patchwork is more commonly used to make bedspreads, but is also used to do various other types of work such as: purses, necessaires, rugs, clothes, panels, rails and tablecloths, American games and other decorative pieces.

Quilt: It is a quilt in Patchwork composed of 3 layers: top, which is the top of the quilt, mounted with a patchwork work formed by a series of identical blocks forming the butterfly or with different designs that you want to do; Blanket, which is the fluffy "stuffing" of the quilt; Lining, which is the fabric underneath. Detail: The quilt is not Quilt because its top is made with a single fabric.
Quilting: It is the seam made to hold the 3 layers or "sandwich" (top + blanket + lining) of the Quilt. Quilting can be straight or decorative, and can be done by hand or machine, using domestic sewing machines, long arm machines specific for this purpose. I did the class just over a week ago. My mind then came to see a new range of possibilities and, of course, another little wish list of materials that I need to acquire.

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Select your fabric. The most important step is to prepare the tissue. With thousands of options on the market, this task can be daunting. A basic quilt can easily be made with 100% cotton fabrics, but blends of cotton with polyester also work. Choose different fabrics for the front of the quilt, for the margins, and also one or two fabrics for the base of the quilt. How many colors will you incorporate into the project? And how many different prints? Try to blend well large and small prints, plus colors from the same family. Be creative with the fabric options. Look for vintage tablecloths and sheets in thrift stores, rather than restrict your wardrobe options.
Its base fabric will be larger than the front and that of the cotton batting; So make sure you buy the right amount for a larger size.

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