Midnight Stars Quilt Pattern

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This Midnight Stars Quilt Pattern is one of the most beautiful and simple to make, because I get to show the result of my basic course of patchwork that finished at the end of last year.
Then, almost a year has passed and I learned a lot ... After all, I knew nothing of patchwork and stitching .... Watching and reading several videos on youtube, I was slowly learning to do, Patchwork is my passion.

Here on the blog I post a lot of interesting materials and all the work I did on the course and at home, and each one always gave me great pride to say: Patchwork is an art. On the first day of class the teacher explained to me that the basic course of Patchwork that she offered was composed of 15 blocks, so that the students learn well the techniques. I will provide the link to the website where I followed the steps to make my star quilt.

In this video you will learn how to step by step and detail the patchwork star block with some tips. With one of the largest Youtube channels Craftsy, one of the largest specialist in patchwork.

Midnight Stars Quilt - Instructions Step Step

Have many tips on how to position and use the ruler, cut the fabric, assemble and sew the block of a simple and easy way. You will finally discover the secrets to making perfect stars in this video, that will certainly give a special glow in your work with patchwork!

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