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I was love when I met the patchwork, one of the things that I love is the free quilt. Quilt stitching is that which gives purpose and the work of patchwork. What charmed me most is to make various types of Quilt to decorate my house.

Quilt by hand, detailed, with dots. Machine quilt, huge, with designs rich in curves, arabesques, hearts. And our "simple" old quilt free full ride that make us zonzas.

Want to meet some quilts? (Be sure to see the other articles at the end of this story)

It took me a few years to learn the technique of Patchwork, the free quiltar machine: Two years to buy the walk itself, another to figure out how to put it in the machine and another to buy the line and create ... Finally I learned more, and today I'm in love with quilt (That fear of machine)

Seem far-fetched, but I had a certain fear in doing so and don't come out perfect. EITA excess perfection!!

But don't give up! Lose the fear as quickly as possible since the beginning of the apprenticeship to fail at it.

Then got up and put just "my secret project" in the machine to free quilt ...

➦ Feathered Star block - as part 1 of the Bernina Medallion 

I thought it was important to add this video, to people who are starting on the Quilt, this video shows a detail I didn't notice: needle size. I used the same needle stitching and this was rude to work. It's nothing that I see with the naked eye, but can see well light.

✄ Important Tips-Instructions

-sizes of 0 points. Why? Because who will dictate the size of the point is their speedon the pedal and in your hand. The "body of work" depends on the partnership hand-foot. And all of this depends on training and the time that it's been the Quilt, experience counts for a lot in that time.

-Some people indicate a flat base for the machine, which covers the little teeth that make the cloth sliding. Honestly for me did not make a foul, yet.

-The top (top fabric), the filling (the blanket) and the base (low tissue) should preferably be lace or well secured with pins. Everything depends on the size of the pieceand your preference.

In this video below, is given valuable tips for those who want to learn how to quiltar. In addition of course to introduce this novelty that is mold to quilt. I thought it was great. You can also use alone as practice before quiltar. Simply put the only role in sewing machine, wireless, and train movements.

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