Supernova Quilt-Along - Intructions

Tips for Quilts Every Beginner Should Know:
Full Tutorial - Supernova Quilt-Along INSTRUCTIONS

Is the matter I did with great dedication for you. Separated several tips for beginners in patchwork and quilt, found super necessary for those just starting doing patchwork.

Certainly for those who already have a patchwork experience you will also be able to find uses for these tips of patchwork for beginners. So, if you are insanely crazy by sewing craft lover like me, I hope you enjoy these wonderful tips!

Almost all lovers of handicrafts with patchwork patchwork is not aware that the Union of several types of different tissues with a mixture of colors and prints using thebroad points, better known as the quilt, you may have heard or seen that name. It all began on exactly where the AC 3400 first evidence of the use of flaps was seen in ancient Egypt, stories tell that the Pharaohs wore clothing made from fabrics of leftovers and then used under the iron armor in battles.

Certainly in the last few years, patchwork has become one of the most used techniques in the creation of beautiful and cheerful, giving a new face to clothing and even antique furniture coating.

There are some specific tools that helps make the job easier and also ensures a more harmonious and charming result. Already separated these necessary materials start to produce his works correctly:

Round cutter: Has the extremely sharp blade, be careful when handling and is essential when cutting any type of fabric, quickly and accurately. A good lawn mower can be a little expensive, but make sure you do all your work easier.

Base for cutting: This is an indispensable material will help using the cutter and you'll find in several sizes. This cutting base has a measurement in centimeters or shaped lines you also find in inches that facilitates measurement and cutting fabrics.

Rulers: usually are almost all made of acrylic, making it easier to cut the fabric. Nowadays these rulers has left some of the classic squares, circles, rectangles, and triangles: today you can find heart-shaped rulers, butterflies, leaving his work more and more beautiful in patches.

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