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STEP 1) Determine the cutting tool for Missouri Star quilt company . To make a symmetrical and aligned, quilt it is essential to have the same sizes well cut pieces also. Not only it gives a professional look to the work of patachwork, but hurry the quilt process and makes it easier for people to beginners. Serve of normal tissue, but rotary cutters are usually considered best fabric cutters. Rotary cutters come in a variety of sizes, but midfielders are great to get you started. If you use standard scissors, make sure it is well washed to avoid damaging the fabric.

STEP 2) base for the Court. The basis for the Court comes with all markings very useful often molds used in quilts and patchworks. It is essential for the functioning of the blade if you use the rotary cutter, but even with the scissors is very useful to avoid scratches on the table and align and cut the fabric.

STEP 3) is always with a ruler. Not just any ruler, but a specific for patchwork, broad, long and transparent, with angles and markings. With this ruler, is easy to cut multiple layers of fabric and make the same tag on all of them.

STEP 4) meet basic sewing tools. They are the basic tools of all sewing, as pins (many!), remover, sewing needle and thread. If you don't have these items, buy them in a cabinet that is more convenient for you.

STEP 5) choose the line. Line looks like something universal, but there are many types of them. Don't buy a cheap or use a very old, as they burst and break during sewing. A line of good quality cotton is the best option for a quilt. If you want to usethe line for various projects, buy a neutral color such as white, beige or gray.

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Quilting is a shape and a hobby fun and practical to pass the time. Always use your creativity to create beautiful blankets, pillows and decorations that will be passed to your children and grandchildren. In a few steps you will learn how to make a Star quilt company to display its new ability to friends and family.

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