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A quilt would not be the same without its inner layer called a blanket. Although most people never see this part of the quilt, there are several types of blanket that behave in different ways and alter the touch for the craftsman. There are some good tips about blankets to know how to choose and use, which facilitates the process and which will give the desired visual effect.

The main types of blanket are: cotton, polyester, mixed cotton and polyester and wool. Choose your filling according to the look and feel you want. Most cotton blankets create a flat quilt while the polyester will leave the quilt more bulky and light. Because cotton and wool are natural fibers, they breathe better. The polyester holds the heat.

A low thickness polyester is recommended for beginners because it is easier to pass the needle. A dense cotton blanket is ideal for quilts, without the need to use the force of the fingers to pass the needle through the layers of fabric.

If you are already working with a predominantly dark fabric, it is recommended to use a fleece blanket, which is also easy to sew by hand. The fibers of the woolen blanket do not pass through the fabric or become apparent, as with the acrylic polyester blanket. The appearance of white blanket lint is not desirable when working with a dark-colored quilt.

Tutorial with Images Tie Quilt Step by Step

For best results and to get rid of creases and creases, it is best to remove the blanket from the packaging the day before use. Unfold the blanket and let it rest, allowing the folds to open naturally. To do this, place the blanket on a bed that is not in use or on a clean floor. Be sure to keep the pets away from the blanket.

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