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Quilting, you can also learn how to do! Some techniques we use Molds to cut the fabric that will be put together to make a beautiful quilt quilt patchwork. People who make quilts use molds made of paper, cardboard, plastic and even metal. The better the mold material, the longer it will last. It pays to buy tools and materials needed to create quality molds that can be used to make quilts as family heirlooms. You always wanted to have a sewing machine, but you do not know how to sew? She finds the work done on her friends' sewing machines super nice, but does she think she's got no way? Of course you get the hang of it! Meet the quilting, a creative, fun and dynamic way to sew and make beautiful pieces. Quilting is a type of seam known all over the world and is a success among those who love to sew. Whether you have experience, or who is getting started, after all with the right materials and loose imagination, you can create different and super beautiful jobs, either for you or to sell. Let us explain a little about each type of quilting and you decide which you prefer to do ok?

The free quilting, consists of you loosen your imagination and work totally free. Simply use the sewing machine with the correct accessories and create freely shapes and designs in your fabric, such as hearts, flowers, clouds, balls, and a variety of simple images that do not require so much perfection in the movements. This type of quilting can be done in plain fabrics, prints, or even in patchwork works, the one that joins several pieces and turns small pieces of fabric into beautiful pieces, like bedspreads, bags, American games, among many other wonders. Just grab the piece with patchwork, and with the use of a crayon pencil, scratch where you want to make your quilting stitches. The work is super cool and creates a light and modern look. We even talk about patchwork in the past post, then read it too!

You can find the Walkthrough here (The Modern Quilt Workshop)

How to Use a Quilting Template | Quilting
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