Learn how to put your free quilting foot.

Placing the quilting foot is done in reverse. Here are some tips for those who are new to Patchwork Quilting. Tips that will help you in the beginning.
But I must make a few caveats here. I do this with my foot raised. The longer shank of the quilting foot should be over the screw that secures the needle and the needle should fit snugly inside the circle of the quilting foot. I tried to take a picture as close as possible so you could observe the details. It's a little blurry, but I think you can see how it looks. Another detail: both the bolt of the needle and the bolt that holds the quilting foot must be tightened, otherwise one of the two can drop during the quilting and break the needle! I hope today's information can be of great help to beginners in free quilting.

Today I will deal with a simple subject, but that people who are starting in the patchwork do not feel safe to do. It is the placement of the free quilting foot.

The first thing you will need is a foot for free quilting and a wrench to loosen the screw that secures the straight sewing foot.

Here I am taking out the screw

This is the screw you should release

I removed the caliper foot with the support

How to Use a Quilting Foot
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