How to make the hem of a quilt with mitered corners.


Mitered corners give the quilt a professional look. Doing this to the machine is a little more complicated than at hand because you need to be able to control the sewing machine within 6 mm. Finishing the machine quilt saves a lot of time, especially if it is a large quilt, such as a quilt for a king size bed. Putting the pins in the correct way and practicing a little will cause you to stitch mitered corners like a pro quickly.

1) Attach the hem to one side of the quilt using the pins. Do not start with a corner. Try to start more or less in the middle of one side. The unfinished edge of the flap should face out. Mark 6 mm away from the quilt tips with a pin.

2) Sew along the hem, leaving the 6 mm of the corner unfinished. Continue until it is 6 mm from the other corner of the quilt. Make stitches back to ensure sewing, then remove the quilt from the machine.

3) Fold the flap out so that it is perpendicular to the strip you have just sewn and then fold it backward, aligning the unfinished edges with the quilt. At this point, you will not see the mitered corner, it will appear that the corner has been folded. The tab must have flipped around and now it's ready for you to sew the next edge. Pin the corner in place.

4) Mark 6 mm from the next corner with a pin. Sew the hem on the second side, starting at the point where you stopped on the first side. Sew 6 mm from the unfinished edge until you reach the pin. Take stitches back to ensure sewing and remove the quilt from the machine.

5) Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to complete all four sides. When you return to the starting point, attach the tabs of the cuff and sew. Turn the tab back of the quilt and blind spots to catch it and the corners will automatically miter.