How to Make Accurate Air Quilt Models

Measures that are accurate and that work with the right materials generally pave the way for a successful Air Model quilting project. Making air quilting models that fit the desired standards generally ensures success. Inaccurate models produce poor or unequal pieces for various types of projects, such as patchwork quilts or appliqués. Although quilting enthusiasts often invest in acrylic or custom metal models, you can save some money by making a cardboard quilting model.Measure the width and length of the design with a flexible tape measure or wood. For example, if you are making a patchwork for a queen or king-size bed, you will probably have a dimension of 2.3 by 2.6 meters.

Tips For Your Quilt

Divide the dimension of the quilting block evenly according to the project specifications. Quilt blocks refer to the square shapes used within one of the flaps, as well as to other shapes, such as rectangles. For example, if you are making a quilted blanket measuring 75 cm by 1.2 m, you can make a quilting model measuring 15 cm. Divide the dimensions of the blanket by 15 cm to create five even squares horizontally and eight squares from top to bottom.

Step by Step Quilt Model Air PDF

Tips and Tricks (Amazon) for Beginners in Quilting.