String Star Instructions - Pattern Available


For those who work with Patchwork quilt fabric, Today you will learn how to make a star rope, dressmakers and craftsmen in general certainly love this type of work, it is inevitable to come across many leftover fabrics, which, without utility, are crammed into a corner The house or the studio. Patchwork of fabrics is a fantastic material to be worked on, but for want of ideas they end up being left out. Another reality is related to people who are in search of a pleasure and creative activity, and wish to bet on the production of handmade pieces with remains of fabrics. If you fall into this situation, know that you are right to want to work with this material that is so taken into account, because it can be acquired by a bargain or even by donations from clothing and dressmakers.
If you have identified with one of these situations, we know very well how much you would like to give the patchwork new life. And to help you with this mission, we separate suggestions for reuse. These are creative ideas, which can be used in various situations and environments: in the kitchen, in the decoration of the house, in the making of festive ornaments and fashion accessories. All these tips are to inspire you to take the first step towards reusing such amazing raw material!

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