Feathered Star Quilt - Free Pattern


Today you will learn how to make a beautiful feathered plumed star, instructions on which fabric to use best for making, start tips, step by step triangle units using the bias method. This is the beginning to make your star. A quilt would not be the same without its inner layer called a blanket. Although most people never see this part of the quilt, there are several types of blanket that behave in different ways and alter the touch for the craftsman. There are some good tips about blankets to know how to choose and use, which facilitates the process and which will give the desired visual effect. For best results and to get rid of creases and creases, it is best to remove the blanket from the packaging the day before use. Unfold the blanket and let it rest, allowing the folds to open naturally. To do this, place the blanket on a bed that is not in use or on a clean floor. Be sure to keep the pets away from the blanket.

 This method is good for beginners, since it takes less time to finish the blocks than to make a full quilt, and to reveal results in advance. The method involves the same materials and tools as any other sewing procedure of a quilt. Quilt by block uses quilt machine and also requires a little quilting by hand to sew a block in the other.
 Feathered Star - Pattern INTRUCTIONS

Make a Feathered Star Block

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